How To Recover RAID Data When Viruses Attack The System

Viruses or sudden power failures may affect the RAID system and also cause the data loss, so you will need to know how to recover RAID data if that happens. First of all, you can avoid the damage if you purchase excellent antivirus programs and also devices that will prevent power failures. One of the things that can happen to your RAID system is the write hole occurrence. It is not pleasant, but it is comforting to know that the write hole on your RAID system can be avoided. You should only provide the write atomicity.

What does it mean? It means that the atomicity will enable your system to continue with its work till its end or that it will stop the operation. In other words, operations can’t be disturbed while the process is in its action. If the operation is on the move, it can only be stopped and saved or continued until the operation is done. Nothing else can happen in this situation, so if a disturbance occurs, the RAID system will either stop and remain on the position or complete the performance. This is important especially for situations when the power fails so you need to recover RAID data.

Cloning As One Of The Methods In Solving RAID 5 Problems

To find the data lost on RAID 5 system, you will need to follow previously determined procedure that uses cloning. In order to solve your RAID 5 problems you will need to clone all the three disks that are part of your RAID 5 system and after that, you will be able to see the lost data again. Cloning is actually copying all the content existing on those three disks and in order to do that, you will have to have the correct disk which will accept the data. The success of your effort will depend on type of failure that happened to your RAID 5 system.<p>The success of recovering the data will depend on successful cloning, so the cloning (or copying) is actually the crucial moment in data loss recovery. This operation may sound complicated to nonprofessionals, but it is actually simple. You need to have the equipment for solving the RAID 5 problems and also some experience. The repairmen will know best what to do if you don’t feel capable enough of facing with such operations. But what you can definitely do without any help is prevent the damage. Make sure you’re using the system properly and whenever you notice a damage, react quickly.